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05 July 2022

Equipment & Technology used by Green World Surveys

Overview of the equipment & technology used by Green World Surveys

Equipment & Technology

The philosophy of Green World Surveys is to invest in the latest technology to maximise efficiency and productivity, and to produce the best quality product for the client. A range of the equipment used some of which is detailed below:

Trimble Robotic Total Station survey instruments with “non-contact” direct reflex enables the recording of detail in inaccessible or hazardous areas without the need to gain direct access together with high productivity over long distances

Leica GPS GNSS smart antennas with SmartNet GNSS RTK network service enables real time survey data capture efficiently and accurately.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) refers to a constellation of satellites providing signals from space that transmit positioning and timing data to GNSS receivers.

Radiodetection Precision Locate range of underground utility locators are used to locate underground cables and pipes together with Flexitrace Reels and Sondes the location of drainage systems and cable ducts can also be located.

Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar has a Dual-frequency antenna to detect deep and shallow targets simultaneously and is used to locate a range of features including non-conductive pipes and fibre optics and underground voids.

The company uses a range of specialist software to process survey data, including AutoCAD, Cyclone and Cloudworx and MBS floorplan, elevation and river cross section software

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