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05 July 2022

Policies & Procedures of Green World Surveys

How we work, the care we take of ourselves, our clients and the environment

Health & Safety

The company has a Health & Safety Policy document, and has also prepared “Safe System of Working” guideline documents. 

All our staff are issued with the company Health & Safety documentation, which includes the Company Health & Safety Policy document,

Company Safe System of Working documents and associated company Health & Safety memoranda.
Project Risk Assessments are carried out and safety training and site induction courses are attended as required.

 Accidents are logged in company Accident Book (No serious occurrences to date).

Environmental Policy

Green World Surveys carry out measurement survey work and do not operate plant & machinery.

The company does not feel that its normal activities have a significant environmental impact,

However, the following statements apply:

  • The company uses diesel powered vehicles for fuel economy.
  • Within the office environment, printer cartridges are recycled wherever possible.
  • Packaging from received parcels is retained for reuse.
  • Surveys drawings are e-mailed to clients, and paper or film drawings are only issued if required; in order to minimise unnecessary plots & wastage.

Quality Policy

Checking PlansGreen World Surveys take quality and customer satisfaction seriously.

Green World Surveys is an ISO 9001 Registered Firm..
The following procedure is used for survey projects:

  • A unique job file is created for each project.
  • All relevant documentation is included in each job file. A “Site” version and duplicate “Office” version are created to facilitate the resolving of any queries / questions that may arise on-site, since both site staff and office staff have a copy of the applicable information for each project, and can therefore communicate more effectively.
  • The job file contains all relevant correspondence, including details of the client’s specification and requirements, and any subsequent changes/revisions.
  • Each project file also contains a Risk Assessment form for completion, with details of any known risks as advised by the client.
  • Depending on the nature of the project, the job file may contain specific Health & Safety documentation and Method Statements.
  • QA check sheets are included for each project.
  • Independent QA checks are also carried out.
  • Client satisfaction questionnaires are despatched, for valuable feedback on quality and satisfaction with the service provided, with replies monitored and any appropriate action taken.
  • The company has a fully catalogued archival system for completed projects.

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